We Responsible For The Extinction Of Orangutan

Many of us doesn’t know that we also take a part from the extinction of this primate. When we shopping at our local grocery store, the primary threat that caused the extinction is hidden in the snack food aisle and likely in our own shopping cart.

Palm oil, the number one cause of the rainforests destruction and the extinction of orangutan can be found roughly in half of products sold in grocery store. Rainforests are being destroyed for palm oil plantation and pushing the last wild orangutans to the brink of extinction.

Skyrocketing demand has lead deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, where palm oil is grown, more carbon pollution into earth’s atmosphere each year than all the cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships in the United State combined. In fact, due to deforestation, Indonesia has the third largest greenhouse gas emissions behind China and United State.

An aerial view of deforestation at Indonesia's Sumatra island. Indonesia and Australia launched a $30 million project to fight deforestation in Sumatra
Deforestation in Indonesia

'New Britain Oil Palm Limited' palm plantation, near Kimbe, West New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea, Wednesday 24th September 2008.
Nowhere but palm oil

Some of America’s most well known snack companies such as, Dunkin Inc., Krizpy Kreme Corp, Kellogg Comp., PepsiCo, Inc., Nestle, Hershey Comp., etc, using conflict palm oil. We as consumer undirectly responsible for the deforestation and extinction of orangutan.


I’m not saying that we have to stop buying their products, but we can control them from using conflict palm oil in their products. We can work with them to ensure that the palm oil they buy is not associated with deforestation, plantation expansion on carbon rich-peatlands, or land conflict with forest dependent communities. And as consumer we have to be smart to choose the product that we will buy.

The faith of Orangutan, forest people, and some of the world’s most rich rainforest is in our hand. We did not inherit this earth to our children, we borrow it from them. It’s our job to protect it.

To learn more about orangutan, deforestation and conflict palm oil you can go to http://www.wwf.org , http://www.ran.org or http://www.laststandoftheorangutan.org

You Can’t Sink A Rainbow, You Can’t Seize A Sunrise

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On September 18, two of Greenpeace activists was held under armed by Russian authorities. The two activist was trying to climb the giant Prirazlomnaya oil rig to stop Gazprom from drilling the oil in the Arctic waters.

24 hours laters the Russian special force are illegaly boarded the Arctic Sunrise and towed the ship to Murmansk along with 28 Greenpeace activists and 2 freelance photographer and videographer.

BUtqWlzCEAAJykk.jpg large

Now all the Arctic 30 are being detained in Russian jail with piracy charges with maximum sentence of 15 years. Greenpeace call for Free The Arctic 30.

On October 5, Global Day of Solidarity events are being held in cities all over the world, demand Russia to release all the 30 activists and the Arctic Sunrise.

BV0asEJIgAANM2q.jpg large
at Murmansk

Greenpeace volunteers in orange with the escort of polar bear in Moscow

in front of Russia Embassy in Edinburgh.

at the Embassy of Russia in Budapest.

from Toronto

BVyHW3wCAAADmNt.jpg large
Crowds in Jakarta, Bali and Bandung – Indonesia

BVyCV8aCMAAO8o7.jpg large
in Australia

crowds in South Korea

BV0BQc_IcAAfekX.jpg large
Damon Albarn, Jude Law and Paul Simonon join the crowds in London.

in Istanbul

Peaceful protest is not piracy, what the Arctic 30 trying to do is to save a place that we all depend on. What happend in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic, it will effect all of us. These brave people are stand up for the better of this planet, for us. Now it’s our turn to stand up with them.

Free The Artic 30!


2013-06-09 15.21.58

Rainbow Warrior

When I was a kid I watch the news on tv and there’s a news about Greenpeace and Rainbow Warrior, and I their activist on that boat. As a kid I know that their job is dangerous, that their job is to protect the ocean, the earth. But that time I ask to myself what it feels like to be on that boat, what it feels like to be a  Greenpeace activist.

20 years later my dream come true. I see Rainbow Warrior with my own eyes. Last week Rainbow Warrior is coming to Jakarta, their last stop in Indonesia. Jayapura, Manokwari, Bali are their stop before Jakarta. I’m glad that Indonesia goverment welcome Rainbow Warrior here after they banned the boat to enter Indonesia three years ago.




Inside the Rainbow Warrior. The crew is giving explanation to the visitor about Greenpeace and their campaigne.

My childhood dream as an activist for Greenpeace might sounds wierd, but now 20 years later I know what it feels like to be on the Rainbow Warrior, I know what it feels to be an activist. Even I’m not the activist on the fron line, but I know this job isn’t easy. But I’m proud to be a part of a big international organisation such Greenpeace. It’s an honour for me.

IMG00239-20130609-1613    2013-06-09 16.15.47

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Russian meteor unrelated to today’s close call

Russian seismographs show the magnitude of the blast from the meteor that exploded over Siberia. Graph courtesy Helmholtz Centre, Potsdam.

Russian seismographs show the magnitude of the blast from the meteor that exploded over Siberia. Graph courtesy Helmholtz Centre, Potsdam.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — NASA scientists say the trajectory of the meteor over Russia was completely opposite of the asteroid expected to shave Earth’s orbit today, emphasizing that the pair of celestial close-calls is an unrelated coincidence.

The meteor over Russia likely exploded as it heated up from the friction generated as it encountered Earth’s atmosphere. Smaller pieces may have hit the ground as meteorites, but most of the reported damage and injuries in Siberia were the result of the pressure wave generated by the blast.

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President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — After listening to President Obama’s speech last night I downloaded the text and read through it twice. The president expressed his willingness to lead on some vexing issues that pose challenges and risks, and extended an ideological hand across the partisan divide that offer a reasonable chance at finding common ground — freezing discretionary public spending for five years could be a huge step toward cutting the deficit, and the president was right-on when he said a shift toward renewable energy could boost the economy.

His call for a free-market path to reducing greenhouse gas emissions elicited some lip-biting by House Speaker John Boehner, but offers a good chance to make meaningful cuts in CO2 pollution, spread across the economy in a way that spurs innovation and adoption of advanced technologies.

On gun control, Obama called on Congress to at least…

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‘We are not prepared’

SUMMIT COUNTY — A new Harvard report finds that the early ramifications of climate extremes resulting from climate change are already a reality and will continue to be felt over the next decade, directly impacting U.S. national security interests.

“Lessons from the past are no longer of great value as a guide to the future,” said co-lead author Michael McElroy, Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies at Harvard University. “Unexpected changes in regional weather are likely to define the new climate normal, and we are not prepared.”

Changes in extremes include more record high temperatures; fewer but stronger tropical cyclones; wider areas of drought and increases in precipitation; increased climate variability; Arctic warming and attendant impacts; and continued sea level rise as greenhouse warming continues and even accelerates.

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~ There is a difference between saying goodbye and letting go.

Saying  goodbye means, “I’ll see you again when the time is right, when I’m ready

to hold your hand, you to hold mine.”

Letting go means, “I’ll miss your hand. I realised it’s not mine to hold and I will not

hold it again.” ~


~ Those times that we weren’t together; all the places I went to I see you…

those times that we weren’t together; the sad love songs became the ost

of my life and the fairytale stories became something that i despised.

Those times that we weren’t together; I locked every memory of us inside my head

and refreshed it every day so that you’ll continue to live in my world and revolves

around my life.. ~


~ But one thing I never regret.. to love you with all my heart

and having you to share the same feeling.

Please forgive me if I tied your heart just for me only for the rest of your life.. ~

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The National Hurricane Center is preparing a storm surge warning product to help prepare coastal areas for dangerous conditions.

Climate change, population growth making more people vulnerable to coastal threats

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Though climate change wasn’t mentioned directly during the first panel session at this year’s Glenn Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit in Breckenridge, it may have been the invisible 800-pound gorilla in the room.

Looking back at the 2012 season, National Hurricane Center director Dr. Rick Knabb said this year’s tropical storms were all about the water, rather than winds. Rainfall and storm surges from storms like Isaac and Debby had significant impacts while the centers were far offshore and even though their winds weren’t particularly strong, Knabb said.

Those impacts are only expected to increase in coming decades, both because of the steady rise in sea level, as well as the fact that an ever-increasing…

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Levi’s Shapes Up To Become a Detox Leader | Greenpeace International

Feature story – December 13, 2012

Levi Strauss & Co. today committed to go toxic-free. Why? Because you and hundreds of thousands of other people demanded that Levi’s “Go Forth and Detox”.
Levi’s commits to Go Forth and Detox

The world’s biggest denim brand joins ten other clothing companies that have made credible commitments to Detox, including the world’s largest fashion retailer, Zara.

Levi’s commitment comes just eight days after we launched our “Toxic Threads: Under Wraps” report in Mexico, and screened a documentary about a family struggling to hold factories in the region to account for the pollution they are causing, including suppliers of brands like Levi’s.

The brand is living up to its claims of being a leader. Competitors that have so far failed to take responsibility for the pollution created along their entire supply chain are looking increasingly exposed. These include familiar big brands names such as Calvin Klein, GAP and Victoria’s Secret.

A change of direction

Today’s commitment from Levi’s is great news for people power and the environment. Levi’s will begin requiring its largest suppliers (each with multiple facilities) in China, Mexico and elsewhere in the Global South to disclose pollution data as early as the end of June 2013. This means that’s those living near all these facilities gain crucial access to information about discharges into their local environment – a basic right that up to this stage they had been denied.

But rather than use hazardous chemicals in the first place, Levi’s will look for non-hazardous alternatives. This is a bold move away from its previous position, which was focused on managing rather than eliminating hazardous chemicals.

And in addition, the company has embraced the precautionary principle, which will be fundamental to shift the entire industry towards the adoption of non-hazardous chemicals.

Toxic-free fashion is a trend to last the seasons

More than 400,000 people have joined the Detox campaign since we re-launched in November, demanding toxic-free fashion and clean water. Fashionistas, activists, designers and bloggers took action on Twitter and Weibo, spreading news about the industry’s toxic addiction and reaching many millions of friends and followers.

The Levi’s hashtag #GoForth really took off this month, but not exactly as Levi’s predicted


First Zara committed to Detox, then Mango and Esprit, as people around the world made their voices heard. Levi’s was next on the shopping list, and in just eight days hundreds of thousands of people had called on the brand to match its bold proclamations with real actions. Activists and volunteers also took to the street in over 20 countries to take the message directly to the brand’s customers and to speak with the staff working in their stores, who sent the message back to Levi’s HQ.

The rising tide of people power has again shown what it’s capable of. But unfortunately the toxic discharges from clothing factories continue, and while 11 top brands have now committed to Detox, more companies must recognise and act upon the urgency of the situation.

Help spur on the next success

Help get our new video, Detox Fashion, on as many screens as possible.

We know brands like Calvin Klein, GAP and Victoria’s Secret monitor social media as closely as they monitor traditional media, and every time you like, share, comment on, or promote this video, it increases the pressure on these companies to change their ways: to stop poisoning rivers in the countries where their products are made, and stop shipping hazardous chemicals all over the world in their clothes.

A toxic-free world is possible. Together we can help create it.